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Above the Mark Tutorial  

Client: Above the Mark Tutorial
Services: Web Design, custom programming, hosting
URL: Go To Website

We developed the graphical design for this site and built the back-end interface for maintaining tutors and student clients. Tutors and clients can both log in and update information, check work hours/logs and more. Admin staff manages the site from a custom Maintenance panel where they can add, e.... More Info

Credit Union Source  

Client: Credit Union Source
Services: Web Design, Custom Programming
URL: Go To Website

This project included the redesign of the graphical web site, customization of database driven files and migration of the web site..... More Info


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Industry Sector Specialization

Johnsons.Net has built a variety of applications and specialty packages in different industries to specifically meet the needs of those industries.

Government / Military

From small government departments to enterprise wide solutions, we provide solutions to meet your specific needs:  from application development and custom software programming, to training, data manipulation, web site hosting and other solution management needs. 


VINSHARNESS is a dynamic web application which grabs automotive VIN data for your automobiles and automatically displays a wealth of data about your automobiles on your auto dealer web site(s).  Managed by a powerful back-end database application, you have control to easily manage your web site data and automobiles with features such as:

  • Update the text/verbiage on your web pages
  • Easily add/edit/delete automobiles and auto photos
  • Import auto data from other software applications
  • Set up specials
  • Print Marony stickers (coming soon)
  • Track user data as they traverse your web site
  • Export your auto data to sites such as autotrader.com
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Marketing Companies

Creating a competitive blend of advertising and marketing solutions for customers constantly force marketing companies to be on the cutting edge. From video solutions, audio solutions, TV and radio commercials, web sites, yellow pages and other traditional advertising, your marketing firm is pulled in a variety of directions to provide the best product solution for customers.

One piece of that solution is the customers online presence - web site, email, online newsletters, online video/audio. We will provide the web solution portion of your marketing plan for you and your customers - providing you with a solid business partner that will be there for your customer base allowing you to focus on the 'overall picture'. Johnsons.Net - since 1994, always there.

Health Care

The health care industry has it's own unique challenges and regulations it must deal with.  Whether you're dealing with HIPPA regulations or simply daily management issues, we create custom web based solutions and applications for the health care industry to meet their specific needs.  From hospitals, Urgent Care centers to local specialty offices and labs, we will help define a solution to meet your unique needs.

Small Business

Our EZ Web application is perfect for small business usage. It puts the power of managing your web site in your hands with the custom password protected Maintenance Control Panel.  You can add, edit and delete pages on the fly, set page order, easily upload PDF and image files and much more with this custom built content management system.  It doesn't provide a lot of features you'll never use, but customized to provide the specific feature you need to manage YOUR web site.

Real Estate

Whether it's dynamically grabbing MLS data from the MLS database or simply creating easy to use add/edit/delete scripts allowing you to easily and powerfully manage your real estate web site, we can provide a custom solution for your real estate web site.